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  • How does the Onesie Bar Crawl work?
    We bring the swag and themed drink specials. You show up in your favorite Onesie, PJs or Sweats with your best friends and tickets in hand. Once registered you head to the participating bars listed on your lanyard! There are hundreds/thousands of Onesie Crawlers; you can visit any bar at any time throughout the crawl, there is no specific route to follow.
  • What is Included with your Ticket?
    1. Themed Drink Specials 2. No Cover at Participating Bars 3. Exclusive Beer Onesie Souvenir Cups 4. Thousands of Comfy Onesie Crawlers 5. Neck Lanyard with Themed Drink Specials - This is Required if Dressing Up to Gain Bar Entry. 6. LED Pacifier 7. Flashing LED Glasses 8. Other Surprise Gifts
  • What Bars and Specials are Included?
    Participating Bars and Specials will be listed on the back of your lanyard. You will receive your lanyard during registration.
  • Can I Join the Bar Crawl at Any Time?
    Crawler registration and lanyards will only be handed out during the designated time. If you are unable to pickup your lanyard during the designated time you may have a friend pick it up for you as long as they have your un-scanned ticket.
  • Do I have to Dress up to Participate in the Bar Crawl?
    No. You are not required to dress up for the bar crawl but we do encourage it - it enhances the experience. If you are dressing up a ticket/lanyard is required to enter participating bars.
  • What if I can No Longer Attend the Event, Can I Get a Refund?"
    Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to anyother person.
  • How Old do You Have to Be to Participate in the Onesie Bar Crawl?
    You must be 21+ to participate in the Onesie Bar Crawl. Participating Bars will be checking identification at each location.
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